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Links to Other Sites!

Dennis Carroll's personal website - Prior to his promotion, Dennis published The Gospel Truth and Charles G. Finney websites that include many precious ministry materials of Finney and others as well as some of his own messages. Here you will find his biography, testimony and other resources.

The Gospel Truth - This is Dennis Carroll's labor of love. Here you will find the works of Charles G. Finney, G. Campbell Morgan, Caleb Burge, Nathan Beman and many others.

Charles G. Finney - Another labor of Dennis Carroll, it appears all of Finney's works may also be found here.

Revival Theology Promotion - This ministry promotes the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through literature distribution, education and ministry support. Their catalog lists over forty-five titles. Visit their site for more information.

Revival Theology Resources - You will find some teachings directly relating to Revival and the Moral Government of God. Teaching by Charles G. Finney, Gordon Olson, Harry Conn and many others.

Paris Reidhead Bible Teaching Ministries - The web site is a continuation of the Ministry begun by Paris Reidhead and carried on by his wife Marjorie and some dedicated volunteers. The highest priority of this ministry is to provide overseas pastors who lack the opportunity or resources to seek training with teaching tapes. Here is where you will find a transcript of the "Ten Shekels and a Shirt" message.